Ryan: “Sandy, I’d like to help you clean up and organize your bedroom closet. And we will do before and after photos.” Me:(PANIC) “Uh, I don’t let people see my bedroom closet (or other secret places in my home. Nope, they can only see what is clean and tidy). And then the day came – with a smile, a whoosh, props, bags, and joy, she entered my cluttered life! For 3 hours, we dismantled, coughed through the dust, sorted and purged, and put back in what was left. (“Sandy, I know you like that dress, but it’s just not you.” She had the kindest honesty). Me: “You want me to fold and roll my underwear, are you kidding?!” All that was purged then disappeared into bags for donations – gone, just gone! And. it. was. done.

I saw white space, empty shelves, empty basket-drawers, matching hangers, clothes hung in logical order with space in between. NOTHING was on the floor because there was a basket drawer for my shoes. I swear there was light emanating from the closet as God was pleased.

It has been 9 months. I am more disciplined, more inspired to organize, more empowered to JUST START, less stressed and more at peace in my space. When I face a challenge, I go walk in my closet – not kidding. There is no price tag on that. Just let her in…if you look carefully as she whirls into your secret places, you just might catch a sparkle of her invisible superhero cape!

Sandy B.