Ela B.

Ryan is a bundle of energy !She assesses your situation and lays out a plan of action that you are comfortable with . Most importantly there is no judgment and she doesn’t allow negative self talk ! There’s no room for guilt , she just helps you to get started and the results are amazingContinue reading “Ela B.”

Elizabeth S.

Working with Ryan has been remarkable! Whenever I used to get the bug to get myself organized, it was so overwhelming & I’d go to Container Store & buy a bunch of stuff to do it. So Expensive!! When she helped me & taught me her systems to stay organized, all of a sudden everything made sense.Continue reading “Elizabeth S.”

Sharon B.

Ryan’s first “whole house” organizee “Ryan has taken a passion and lets us in on her secrets! We started with the master closet, set free over half my clothing, organized, cleaned, and then magically simplified. Even putting away laundry is simplified from sorting to putting away. Next was the kitchen. I really DID have aContinue reading “Sharon B.”

Kathy F.

I could not stand to even walk in my closet until I met Ryan. She completely transformed it and now it’s my favorite room in the house. Ryan has all the tricks up her sleeve to make your closet as magical as mine. Thank you!!!

Gene S.

She turns messy into magnificent and chaos into calm. Cluttered or organized and easy to use; the state of your space directly impacts your state of mind. You know it does! Ms. Lanier will work her magic on your closets or cupboards. Then, you will have more time and a calmer environment supportive of yourContinue reading “Gene S.”

Sandy B.

For 3+ hours, we dismantled, coughed through the closet dust, sorted and purged, then put back in what was left. (“Sandy, I know you like that dress, but it’s just not you.” She had the kindest honesty). All that was purged then disappeared into bags for donations – gone, just gone! And. it. was. done.Continue reading “Sandy B.”