What is happening in this photo?  It’s the new “Book Club”… a fun yet helpful paper organizing workshop!  Register for one live or even online.

Most people are overwhelmed with their daily paper, but don’t realize how simple it can be to tackle the “paper tiger” and win! (even if you have kids!)  (ESPECIALLY if you have kids!)

These workshops currently being led by Ryan can help you with all kinds of paper struggles:  not just your own but also your family members for whom you are responsible.  And there’s NO FILING!!!

How does it work exactly?

The Sunday Basket® System is literally using a basket or box or bin as your “holding tank” of daily in/out papers and mail and to dos that keeping you hopping all week.  Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365 created the system and Ryan is your Austin, TX, teacher for all the workshops listed below:

* Sunday Basket® 1.0 — (90 minutes for $30 all materials included) gets you started learning to corral the papers from all over your house and car and countertop and helps you create a solid to-do list each week.  Imagine!!

*Organize 365 Binder Workshops — (price varies but all materials included) easily create useful, essential binders that will make your filing cabinets practically obsolete!

There are 5 types available:

  • Kid School Memory Binder — helps you easily get all those papers, art, and certificates out of the cardboard box and into a sturdy binder to last a lifetime
  • Medical Info Binder — whether it’s only your immediate family or you are caregiver to an extended family member, this binder will keep your head on straight when things happen quickly, as is always the case with medical issues.
  • Financial Info Binder — this binder corrals for easy reference your own financial details as well as anyone for whom you are financially responsible without having to log on to various websites constantly.  Also, a quick grab in case of emergency.
  • Household Reference Binder — You may need to ask yourself: “Hmmmm, when did we replace that HVAC again?”  You’ll keep all manuals, receipts, paint samples, site survey, etc, in this binder to never have to shuffle through FILE FOLDERS again.
  • Household Operations Binder — “When do we replace the fridge filter and what kind is it?”  This binder will keep your household running like clockwork with maintenance schedules, menu planning, deep cleaning checklists, plus lots more!  Peace of mind comes from easy reference.

Ready to find some peace and productivity?
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