About Ryan


Ryan Lanier

Ryan, a fun-loving, hard-working wife and mother of 3 teenaged boys, is a former Spanish teacher and active community enthusiast who found her passion for all things organizing. An active member of NAPO – Austin, she is a proven professional in the field and can immediately help you tackle the trouble spots in your home or business.

Although tackling closets and kitchens is her first love, she also knows all about paper clutter so Ryan can teach you the ways of the SUNDAY BASKET ® WORKSHOP.  Giving workshops makes her feel like she’s back in the classroom, but without any need to send kids to the office!

Along with her talents for home organizing, she is practically obsessed with RECYCLING/FREECYCLING/DONATING items that we no longer use.  She finds that with a little effort, almost all of our cast-off items can go to benefit others, and not just to the Goodwill drive-thru donation center.  In fact, she is the neighborhood admin for her local BUY NOTHING PROJECT group, and loves having clients connect with those options as well.

Following her on Instagram @organizing4good will enlighten you to her approach on a daily basis.