I’m having a “feel-good” garage sale…

August 2, 2018 — As you may or may not know, I’ve been on a mission this summer to lighten up the amount of STUFF in my house.  Less is more:  less time spent looking for things, less money spent re-buying those things you couldn’t find (see the picture!), and less frustration in general when you walk around your house and feel the SPACE.  I love it.  I love the process, too.34985426-fd7d-4d4b-af99-bfb17b620634-2606-0000022ac8c662ab_file-1

However, I have developed this “problem” of not wanting to take all these cast-offs to the nearest Goodwill en masse, because I know that it’s great stuff, useful to people near me and wouldn’t be well served in the Goodwill funnel.  I want the school/office supplies to go to a school:  the toys to go to a hospital, the clothes to go to a neighbor, see how this goes in my brain?  (P.S. I rarely sell things.  Remember this blog post?)

How do I scratch this itch?  By freecycling many items in my Buy Nothing Project Facebook group, and oh, the joys of setting things on my porch and someone excitedly comes to pick it up!  Inevitably, “theirs just broke” or “they are having an exchange student and it’s just perfect” are just some of the great tidbits that bring joy to the process.

But, right now, I have TOO MUCH to give away one item at a time.  Solution:  I’m having a “YARD SALE”.  A fundraising yard sale.  This will be my 3rd one.  I had 2 in my old house and let me tell you, it takes the “pricing stress” off and furthers the goal of “get the stuff gone to people that want it”.  BONUS:  money to donate to a worthy cause!

I’ve chosen Any Baby Can of Austin for this particular “sale” and I feel excited to see how much I can get for them to support their programming.

So, I’ll be celebrating National Garage Sale day on the 2nd Saturday in August (yes it’s a thing!) in a special way.  Maybe you find this idea interesting…maybe you think I’m insane, but that’s cool.  It’s all about where you get your energy, and this gives me LOTS!

Cheers, y’all!